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Bucket Truck Window Cleaning & Rentals

Our mid-rise window cleaning service is perfect for businesses located on the 2nd to the 5th floor. No matter how much effort you put into cleaning your office or show room, dirty windows will diminish the overall look of your office space, damaging your professional image. Cleaning your windows on a regular basis will help your business maintain a fresh and clean look everyone craves.

We clean your windows, screens, frames, awnings and all associated window dressings. We can also clean all traces of birds away from your windows and ledges. To keep birds away from your windows altogether we can install bird spikes.

Bucket Truck Window Cleaning

We offer three types of cleaning services: Initial cleaning, regular on request cleaning and service contract cleaning.

Initial cleaning. Usually when we do a job for the first time the windows are excessively dirty. This requires a double washing process along with glass scraping. This process makes the windows clean, freeing them from various obstacles. This process is called the initial cleaning. It takes more time and effort than regular cleaning, so generally initial cleaning costs a bit more.

Regular on request cleaning. This window cleaning service is provided to our clients once or twice per year. There is no service contract, and the rate must be discussed after the initial cleaning is completed.

Service contract cleaning. Service contracts help us organize our work routes in the most efficient way so that we can keep our costs down and pass those savings on to you. An organized schedule helps lower the cost of window cleaning for our regular customers and allows us to focus on cleaning quality.

To qualify for the special service contract savings, a minimum of 3 cleanings must be scheduled within 1 year after the initial cleaning. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly service contracts. Monthly and bi-monthly cleanings are our most popular and most cost effective service contracts.

We also rent our bucket trucks on a daily basis, with or without an operator.

Service Contract

Our service contracts are very straight forward and easy to read. After signing the contract, we'll call you a day before each cleaning appointment to confirm the arrival time of the cleaning crew. After the cleaning is completed, we will ask you to sign the work order and provide you with an invoice for the service.

All service contracts can be canceled with a 3 cleaning appointment notice without incurring any cancellation fee. After the last of these 3 cleanings is completed, the service contract is cancelled. Our clients find this policy both fair and not obligatory. We want our dedication and the quality of our work to keep you as our customer, not the contract.

For more information on bucket truck window cleaning services please call us at 212·380·3343.