Light Fixture Cleaning

Crystal chandeliers are beautiful pieces of art that make a dramatic impression on visitors to your home. In order for them to retain their beauty, they must be maintained regularly by someone that knows how. Cleaning chandeliers involves climbing ladders, the use of chemicals and the knowledge to use those chemicals in a safe and effective manner. Not only can it be a dangerous and tedious process, but an untrained person could easily break or damage the fragile glass components of the chandelier.

If your chandeliers lack the lustre they once had, call the experts at Best Local today. We take great pride in bringing the sparkle back to your beautiful, elegant, modern or antique crystal chandeliers. Our comprehensive cleaning process ensures your chandeliers will shine like new again! See our gallery of recent works to see some of the chandelier cleaning services we have provided for our clients.

To find out more about our chandelier cleaning services or to schedule your chandelier cleaning appointment, call us at 212·380·3343. Your chandeliers will thank you.